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The West Australian Disabled Water Ski Club (originally known as the
Challenge Water Ski Club) was formed in 1988.
The Club emerged from a keen group of novice water skiers who had attended
"Come and Try" days conducted by the WA Disabled Sports Association at the
Narrows Bridge ski area.
These activities were organised by John Wilson from the Perth Water Ski Club
who had experimented with special apparatus so that disabled persons could
enjoy water skiing.
With the assistance of the State Government, the Lotteries Commission and
the WA Disabled Sports Association the Club was able to purchase their own
ski boat, aptly named, and as members grew in numbers and became more
proficient in the sport, some learnt to drive the boat and observe, the club
became self sufficient.
The Club caters for people with all types of disabilities and able bodied
persons and has gone from strength to strength so that today it has a boat, a
training boom, safety equipment such as ski jackets, ropes, skis, wet suits, ski
biscuits, in fact everything that is required for use by anyone wishing to try
their hand at the sport.
The Club can be used as a training ground for those who wish to ski
competitively and some of the membership has participated in State
Championships. National Championships and International events. However, in
the main, the Club is utilised by recreational and social skiers.
There are also some people who like to just come down to the river for a chat
or a ride in the boat.

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